Back to School - are you ready?

I am really looking forward in seeing you all after a lovely summer break - are you ready for whats happening this year? I thought I would do a simple check list for you all to help with the big preparation for Alice 2019.

  • Download all the information from our website. Before you email the school, ensure you have downloaded, read and double checked before asking your question. I ask this

, because I may not be able to respond quickly.

  • Hand in your performance from. I must have your performance form along with our Annette Adams Show form returned to us by the deadline otherwise your child will be unable to perform. Please do not email this to the School.

  • Get your diary out! If there are any dates that you have such as family events pre-planned and know that you may not be able to make a rehearsal, please ensure you email us to let us know.

  • Ensure your email is on our mailing list! Rehearsal schedule's can alter if there is a need. I will be emailing everyone and posting on Facebook and Twitter any changes. When this does happen please ensure you download this new change.

  • Get your children's T-shirt order in by the deadline. I will be releasing the deadline to order your T-shirt shortly to ensure everyone has their T-shirt ready for rehearsals in January. There will be lots of opportunity to order child's T-shirt size - make sure you look out for the email :)

  • Don't wait to order your tickets. Like every time we do a show we will allocate 5 tickets per family. Then, four weeks after the release date for tickets you may order more. We do a 5 ticket system to ensure all families have an opportunity to their children. We cannot be held responsible for not being able to get a ticket on the evening you prefer if we are sold out.

That's it for now :) See you all soon - Miss Sam x

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