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March sees the long awaited light nights! I am sure, like myself I cannot wait for summer. However with the heat exhaustion comes to class. Especially seeing as it is Exam time at School.

As a teacher, I come across students being very fatigued before they have walked through the dance door. Being tired before you start your 45-80mins dance class can be very dangerous. Children and young adults are not in the correct frame of mind and this could cause the body injuries. 

Having a Dance Bag full of snacks can be a great to keep your energy up in between meals.

I love:

• Granola Bars • Bagel or crackers with cheese • Peanut butter and Banana Sandwich • A Mix of – raisin, nuts, cereal, dried fruit • Banana, strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries • Baby carrots or cucumbers with dip

I also recomend keeping highdreaded! After a long day at school in a stuffy classoom children and young adults tend to forget to keep themselves highdrated. I highly recomend to encourage them to drink with thier snack to get those grumpy and tired dancers back in the dance studio energised!

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