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How to Improve Those Feet!

What are the best exercises to improve feet strength, flexibility and shape?

How can we prevent from getting feet injuries (tendinitis, cramps and more)?

Why is it important to keep working on your feet even if you naturally have a good arch?

I’m going to share my favorite feet exercises which you should do at least 2-5 times a week. It is very important to build a routine so you can be consistent with it and see real results. Equipment necessary:

  • a tennis ball

  • a towel

  • a theraband: I prefer to use a very light one for the feet and a stronger one for the ankles

1. Massaging the feet Before starting to work on those feet, they need some love and care. Start softly and then roll around the trigger spots. This should help to release any tensions and get your feet ready to work. 2. Bottom of the foot with the towel Place the foot on a towel flat and, using the muscles of the bottom of the foot, you curl the towel. You should feel the arch lifting up and the heel and toes getting closer whilst they toes pinch the towel. Note: don’t curl your toes! Spread the metatarsals on the floor 3. Theraband exercises Therabands are great for lots of different things. While using a theraband try not to curl or squash your toes - we don’t want that! With a light theraband: Single toe activation: wrap the theraband around a single toe and use just its muscles to lift and lower flex to demi-pointe push: flex and demi but don’t point your toes flex stretching: simply stretch your flex

With a harder theraband:

Follow this YouTube Video I found that is really useful: That’s it! Why not get started today.

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