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As dancers we all know we should be stretching, but we probably don’t do it as often as we should...

The main benefits of stretching include

  • Increases your range of movement (can get those kicks to touch your nose)

  • Prevents injury (fall over into the splits, no worries!)

  • Improves posture (what we all strive for)

  • Helps circulation (blood carries oxygen to our muscles)

  • Relieves tension (achy muscles, be gone!)

If we all took 10 minutes out of our day to stretch we would feel so much better for it, and it will help with our performance.

Before we stretch we must be warm. Increase your heart rate, get that blood pumping around the body, and get little bit out of breath. This is why we always start class with a warm up. Your muscles must be warm in order to stretch them without damaging them. Try doing some star jumps, burpees, mountain climbers...anything to get you going! Then you can begin stretching.

Below is links to Miss Sacha’s stretching tutorials 👇🏻

Front leg splits

Splits in second/middle split


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