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You know you're a Dancer when...

Only true dancers will relate to these 10 things...

1. You have extremely vivid nightmares about forgetting choreography in Exams or worse... onstage! Honestly is there anything more terrifying?

2. You get Dancewear for every birthday and Christmas. How exciting is that feeling?!

3. When you pirouette everywhere... and I mean EVERYWHERE!

4. Your Dance Bag is a black hole! How does it eat your left Ballet Shoe? Two go in, and only one comes out. Every. Time.

5. By the end of the Exam session, your mum can reenact the entire grade without skipping a beat.

6. Your feet have been hurting for so long, you have hardly even notice anymore.

7. The phrase "One more time" haunts you! We all know that it really means 10 more times.

8. Where do they all go?

9. When it takes three packets of face wipes to remove all your stage make up.

10. When subconsciously practise Tap moves under the table at School.

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