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Make your own Shaker!

For Primary Modern and Grade 1 Modern, children will need a shaker for class and exams to help them understand rhythm. This can be a fun thing your children can make at home!

What you will need:

  • an empty bottle - 1L squash bottle is a perfect size

  • something to put inside - could be pasta, rice, lentils, beads - anything that makes a percussive sound

  • something to decorate shaker - coloured paper, stickers, glitter etc

  • sellotape

How to make the perfect shaker:

  1. Firstly, remove any labels from your bottle and give it a good clean and leave to dry.

  2. Fill the bottle about 1/5th full of whatever you’ve decided to add to make your percussive sound.

  3. If you’re keeping it see-through, you could now add glitter or colourful beads inside too!

  4. Screw the lid back on and tape shut.

  5. Now time to decorate any way you like! You could wrap the bottle in paper and draw pictures, stick stickers to the bottle, anything unique so you know it’s yours!

Miss Sacha can’t wait to see some wonderful shakers in class!


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