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Annette Adams Students Perform!

Annette Adams Performance Group perform along side South West Keep Fit Association

We were invited to perform at the British Keep Fit Association Gala Day on Saturday October 15th at The Filton Folk Centre. The Keep Fit Association is in association with The Exercise and Movement Partnership. At the Gala a cheque will be presented to The Limes, a charity in Kingswood which runs a day centre for people under 65yrs with Alzheimer's. Both the Cabaret and Classical Performance Groups have been invited to be part of an afternoon showcase by Ann Burrows who was one of the first students to attend The Annette Adams School of Dancing. Ann is fiercely proud of the school and remains supportive of dance in Bristol as a whole.

I cannot express how proud I was of the Annette Adams Students, they dance beautifully!

We all were in ore of the amazing choreography and performance's from the Keep Fit Association - it tulle inspired the students and also showed them, no matter what age dance will forever stay with us.

Why not check out some of the dances our students performed by clicking on the links :)

Senior Performance Group Dances

'Somebody Said'

Junior Performance Group Dances

Dances choreographed by Samantha Kemp and Sacha Osmond.

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