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How to keep cool on the dance floor!


It's been a while since my last post and with the beautiful sun we have had for the past few days I thought this was the perfect subject to start back.

How to keep cool on the dance floor!

It's been sweaty, exhausting and not to mention we are all a bit lethargic after a long day. It is super important that children and young adults stay engaged in class to prevent any accidents or injuries. Follow these top tips on how to stay cool at dance.

  • Sweating!

Yes I know, we all hate it! BUT is the body’s natural cooling mechanism. We are not as lucky to have AC in our premises but we will always have the windows open for that cool breeze (if there is one)

I would highly recommend bringing a small portable deoderate in your dance bag and bring a towel! You can towel yourself dry when you are in between dance classes or you can have your towel handy and close in class - just excuse your self to your teacher.

  • JUMPERS!?!

When it’s hot and humid why oh why do you start the class wearing a thick jumper! T-shirts are also in this subject :) Now that it is hot, there is no need for 'warm up' dance wear. Your temperature is already hot, all we need to do is warm up the muscles.

  • Put your hair up

I have to say, majority of my lovely dancers always have hair up. BUT for those who I have to keep reminding - You hair is like a coat.

Yes it’s beautiful to look at when it’s flowing down your back, but it’s also retaining heat. Having your hair up and off your neck will help your skin breathe and keep you feeling cooler.

  • Snacking

Snacking on fruits and vegetables, which are like little water containers will help to keep you hydrated. Try to avoid high-fat and protein-heavy meals before your summer dance class as the effort of digesting such foods raises your body temperature.

  • Keep Hydrated

Replace your fluids! Water is best. Carbonated drinks don’t work so well and the health benefits aren’t so good. To make it easier for you, bring a water bottle and refill it up so you can drink between dances.

  • Cool Down

As mentioned before, we all rush off out of the dance class so our bodies don't have time to cool. Make sure you drink plenty of water, change into something cool and out of your sweaty dance wear.

If you are feeling extra hot, run your wrists under cool water as this will help bring your temperature down.

And stretch! Just like in winter your muscles need to stretch, they may feel warm and loose but looking after your muscles will help in the long run.

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