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After Class!

We are all culprets of rushing out of the dance studio, slipping on our joggers and outdoor shoes ready to run out to the car to get home. However by doing this and not cooling down we are also putting our bodies at risk of injury.

Yes! A Cool-down is also beneficial! After working hard in class, it allows the body to gradually wind down towards a resting state rather than suddenly stopping. Your body will return to its pre-exercise state more quickly if you perform light exercise during the recovery period than just stop. Students should allow thier physical and mental state to relax to help prevent muscle soreness and injury.

We recomend that all students think about what they are wearing! Parents also have an important role too. For a young dancer just a character skirt with bare legs and a small cardigan over the top is not safe practise after a busy class especially in the Winter months.

I am also outraged that older students would walk out of class with just a jumper on and nothing else on their legs but tights! Even if you are just running out to the car THINK! What is the cold windy air doing to your warm muscles on impact? Not only that I think being aware of who's around should be taken into consideration - you wouldn't walk out of the swimming poole to your car after a nice swim would you?

We suggest:

• Gradually reducing the intensity of activity - In the class as teachers we always strive to do this however it doesn't heart to plan this yourself

• Remobilise your joints to flush out Lactic Acid

• Stretching those major muscle groups and hold for 10-15secs

• Wear something warm! Even though you may be hot keeping those muscles covered up and warm will assist in the cooling down. Especailly when it is extremley cold weather!

I hope this encourages every student and parent to be body aware after dance classes!

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